A healthy symbiotic relationship between our management team and all staff members is essential for the continued success of Easytees.  Accordingly, we have replicated working conditions for our staff, similar to those found in Australia and other western countries.

Working hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm, with one hour for lunch. We offer overtime when available of up to 3 hours, with dinner provided. Staff medical insurance is covered and our youngest team member is 18, with an average staff age of around 30.


Easytees is a fully compliant, tax-paying, licensed PT company and our factory and contents are thoroughly insured, ensuring your order is never in jeopardy. We follow strict regulations covering the ethical treatment of workers and their wages. We are proud of our staff record, with a number of members remaining loyal to the company over many years of service.


Sewers in China and Bangladesh are frequently paid a daily wage and have a target quantity of garments that they must reach per day. Our sewers are paid per piece, which allows their income to accrue as the business grows with them. The screen printing department is subcontracted to one of our workers, who employs family and friends, to help expand his business alongside ours. Above all, we provide a fun, easy going and productive work environment for all our staff. Indeed the biggest problem we tend to have is the inevitable clash between rock music, played in the screen printing department and the traditional Indonesian music, coming from the sewing department.


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